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Management Agreement Tauranga

Management Agreement Queenstown

Before we can advertise your property and source great new tenants for you to approve, we are required to hold a copy of a signed authorisation form confirming we act as your agent.  If you have a property that is nearing completion; it is imperitive to have this completed and returned to us as soon as possible.  As there may be a number of properties due to be released to the market around the same time, having the agreement in place ensures there is no delay when placing tenants due to a lack of information or not having a confirmation that we will act for you and advertise, screen and select great new tenants. 

Please click on the above link for the Management Agreement, this will open in a new window and provide you with an electronic copy which you can tap through, sign (either on-screen with finger/stylus or by confirming your identity) and then submit electronically.  This service is powered by Adobe E-Sign Enterprise and is secured end-to-end.  Once submitted, a digitally verified copy will be sent to you on completion of the document and archived on secure servers for our staff to access.  If you have any questions regarding the agreement you can contact us to discuss.


REAL Landlords Insurance NZ Application Form

Whether you have an existing property currently under management with Staircase Property Management or you are anticipating completion of a brand new property, there's no time like the present to ensure you have utilised the tools available to you as a rental property owner and protected your revenue stream.  Landlord's Protection Insurance offers financial relief from the wrongful actions of tenants and can cover you for:

  • Repair of malicious damage caused by tenants or their guests
  • Theft of the landlord's contents from the property
  • Loss of rent following an abandonment or termination due to a breach of the tenancy agreement
  • Legal liability cover
  • Cover for the property being un-tenantable due to these events

If you indicated you would like to be covered when you purchased your property, we will need to submit up-to-date forms to the underwriters.  Similarly, if you are interested in applying for cover for an existing property, you will need to complete your details on the application form below.  Once we have received this we will submit to the insurance company for approval and then confirm once your policy is in place.  If you would like assistance with this form please contact us and we will be happy to help.