About Us

Staircase is proudly New Zealand owned and operated.

The team at Staircase has been providing property management services to New Zealanders since 2001. We’re not real estate agents offering a bolt-on service; we take property management seriously. We believe that providing people with comfortable, safe homes while protecting landlords’ investments should be a professional service, so that’s how we treat it.

Our property management service is part of a suite of professional services offered to help New Zealanders create long-term property investment portfolios. These services include:

We work hard to help our clients achieve financial independence through long-lasting, meaningful relationships, working together to adapt their plans over time as their circumstances change.

As a Staircase client you can expect to receive professional service, factual information and well-founded advice from qualified and experienced professionals.

For information about your rights and our obligations to you under the Financial Advisers Act please visit the Financial Advisers Act section of our website or contact us.