Landlord Rescue Package

The Residential Tenancies Act is known to favour tenants, so as a landlord, resolving issues with your rental property can be challenging, stressful and time-consuming.

A good property manager can help ensure you don’t end up in difficult situations with tenants, and Landlord’s Protection Insurance can help bridge the gap financially.

When things still go wrong, though, Staircase Property Management can help you get a bad situation back under control. We’ve seen your once-in-a-lifetime crisis before, and we know what to do!

We offer a rescue package for properties that are impaired. Each situation is unique, so we will provide you with a quote based on the specific requirements of your property. Services include:

  • providing expert advice on the technicalities (and operational logistics) of the Residential Tenancies Act, and your tenancy agreement
  • helping you to identify a strategy for dealing with your tenants that is legislatively compliant and likely to provide the best possible outcome
  • providing advice and assisting in the collection of rent arrears
  • acting as the intermediary between you and the tenant to reach a mutually suitable outcome
  • arranging for the eviction/removal/termination of unsatisfactory tenants
  • lodging applications (where appropriate) with Tenancy Services
  • consulting on impending Tribunal Hearings (and attendance in some cases)
  • providing advice on any potential insurance claims that can be made
  • arranging for established debts to be handed to a debt collection agency to collect on your behalf
  • providing advice on minimising risk exposure going forward
  • facilitating and overseeing any necessary maintenance or remedial work
  • sourcing new tenants who have undergone our stringent screening process
  • providing advice on enforcement of Tribunal Orders, Examination Orders and Distress Warrants
  • providing quality ongoing property management services

If your tenants have left you in a difficult position and you don’t know what to do, please contact us for a free chat.