Landscaping Services

If you are looking for landscaping services in Auckland, we can help!  Staircase's Maintenance Manager is an award-winning landscape gardener who knows that gardening isn't just about good looks – it’s an important part of keeping your investment property in tip-top shape.

Here are some smart tips:

  1. Native plants are well adapted for the climate so require less watering and fertilising
  2. Stone gardens or use of mulch prevents the soil from drying out so quickly, great for tenants who don't have green thumbs!
  3. Shrubs can act as a ‘living-wall' to screen out external sights or sounds and provide your tenants with privacy and an extra level of security
  4. Screen plants work well in front of fences and will help prevent graffiti in high traffic areas
  5. Good landscaping not only adds value to a property, it's good for the environment!  Trees soak up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and convert it to oxygen through photosynthesis, making cleaner air for us to breathe and reducing our carbon footprint.  Smart landscaping can also assist in keeping your house cool in summer and warm in winter, reducing your tenants' energy bills.
  6. Planter boxes, small trees or large rocks around the perimeter of the front lawn will prevent tenants or their friends from parking on the grass.  Hard landscaping such as boulders, grasses and some planting is also a great retaining system and can help to improve the visual appearance of retaining, retention tanks, exterior access points etc.
  7. Having tenants with pets in your property can be a great thing as they will often be prepared to meet a higher weekly rent commitment (due to there being a smaller number of properties available for tenants with pets) but they usually remain in the property for longer because of how difficult it can be to move with your four legged friends.  Adding a gate or exending the fencing allows for pets to be kept outside while still providing access for lawnmowers, recycling bins etc.

Staircase Maintenance team can offer a landscaping package to suit your needs and budget.  Packages have been specifically developed to be low maintenance and hardy, ideal for your rental property!

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